Information about clinical trials is very difficult to obtain.  The results from many, if not most, clinical trials are never published.  When data are reported, it is often years after the trial is actively recruiting participants. Learning about experiences, good and bad, from patients currently participating in a clinical trial can be extremely helpful to patients evaluating participating in a given trial.

Clinical trials currently recruiting cholangiocarcinoma participants can be found at

Financial assistance for some aspects of clinical trials is available here: Lazarex

Participant reported Clinical Trial InformationEdit

  • NCT01174121 - A Phase II Study Using Short-Term Cultured, CD8+-Enriched Autologous Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes Following a Lymphocyte Depleting Regimen in Metastatic Digestive Tract Cancers
  • NCT01954745 - A Phase II Study of Cabozantinib (XL-184) Monotherapy in Patients With Advanced Cholangiocarcinoma After Progression on First or Second Line Systemic Therapy
  • NCT01285037 - A Study of LY2801653 in Advanced Cancer

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